Why WisdomSoma?


The quality of having knowledge and good judgement. The quality of being wise, the fact of being based on sensible or wise thinking, the body of knowledge and experience that develops in a specific society, common sense, insight wisdom is the ability to apply the knowledge to given situations. 


Soma is the Greek word for Body.

The cell body, also called the soma, is the spherical part of the neuron that contains the nucleus. Soma is also the name given to the cell body of a neuron. It contains the nucleus of the cell. The soma doesn’t play an active role in transmitting neural signals, but keeps the cell functioning and holds the cell’s DNA. DNA is the fundamental information which defines our unique characteristics and qualities.

For over ten years I have been passionately researching, experiencing, learning about the body and its intuitive wisdom. Through diverse somatic practices such as yoga, dance, improvisation, movement, voice and body work I continue to discover with wonder. 

This inspired the creation of WisdomSoma, offering moments of meeting with the world of the body, the magic found within and its means to simply BE.

There is an infinite WISDOM our Body (= SOMA) holds within, an intelligence our cells are carrying, remembering the future and the past, dying and renewing every moment. 

To move To breathe To touch To be touched To Sense To feel To perceive To voice To express To emotion To be authentic within To asana To dive To meditate To sing To cry To laugh To dream To be ….

Questions Wisdomsoma explores: 

  • What if we would be a society fully present in our bodies, meeting ourselves and the other from an anchored place, being aware within the body?How would this influence the question of trust in life?         
  • How do we experience the world with closed eyes? closed ears ? How can we live from a place where body and mind are one and not separated in two entities? 
  • Can we release holding patterns and emotions through the body?  
  • How can we live in an embodied way? 
  • How can we learn through our body, sensing and expressing ourselves from the physical and subtle container we inhabit? 
  • How do we love and honor our body? 

The dedication of my work and Wisdomsoma is to share paths to embody these questions, for us to find the answers within ourselves and a sense of peace in the collective body.