Healing as Experience

Through an intuitive approach of Body Work you are invited to bring awareness into your physical and subtle body. With my background being a Reiki practicioner, occupational therapist and dancer i am researching for several years about different qualities of touch and its means to experience healing

The focus can be very individual. It can be deep relaxation, pain relief, balancing of your energies and flow or just simply curiosity about the wisdom of you body.


Reiki (Energy Healing )

Reiki is a non manipulative japanese healing technique, which is ancient form of energy healing. Using soft touch, the subtle energy body is activated to support self healing processes to be  stimulated on physical, mental and emotional level. Another focus is the balancing of energies and bringing them into flow.

Jikiden Reiki Nivel I / II / 2012 /2013 /  Kundalini Reiki 2014

Occupational Therapy

pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics