Fidelia Lutterbeck

Fidelia is a holistic body practitioner, occupational therapist, artist and Hatha Yoga teacher. She is now completing her studies of Body Mind Centering®  to become a Somatic Movement Educator. All these practices encourage body awareness, wholeness and healing. 

In Fidelia`s therapeutic sessions she offers holistic body treatments and energy work aiming to open up the body and mind to feel its breath and depth, enabling clients to experience the fullness of their being and to move towards release of forms and holding patterns.

In her teachings she shares embodied journeys through explorations of movement, ritual, dream, bodywork, breath, touch and voice.

Her artistic work is an expression of her self- discovery and inspiration, manifesting through visual arts, dance, performance and sound.  

In 2016 she created WisdomSoma to share with the world her studies and experiential  knowledge. With the vision to support others along their healing journey and to inspire people to live in harmony with the wisdom of their body.

Continuously studying and deepening her knowledge in Yoga, Meditation, Body Mind Centering® and Women Healing Practices, she is living between Europe, West Africa and the Middle East. Through WisdomSoma she offers classes, treatments and Yoga & Somatics retreats internationally.